The industry prognoses relate to strictly defined product categories. The report includes estimation within the entire branch and all relevant product categories. The prognosis covers five-years time perspective of 2018-2022. The investigation is based on author prognosis tool of Rynek, with consideration of all influential factors, including market trends and other external factors. We also consider market possibilities and threads, which are highly probable to occur within the forecast period till 2022. There are also presented alternative scenarios in case of different development of future macro-economic factors, growth rate of GDP.  

Why it is worth to purchase the report of Category Prognosis?


  • Our prognosis composes a complex research tool, which is necessary document to plan business activities and create development strategy in upcoming period (2018-2022).
  • Activity on the current competitive market requires much more professional approach, than an intuitive operation or a reliance on one’s own market knowledge and subjective experience. It is all the more unjustified that up-to-date development trends in many industries do not have to be continued in the following years.
  • Our team conducts constant monitoring of the consumer market, which maximally limits the possibility of an erroneous forecast.
  • An alternative to the use of our study is the purchase of research in another company (much more expensive) or the creating the forecast on one’s own, which is time-consuming and difficult in terms of competence.


Report will be send via e-mail in pdf or excel file.


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