This section of our product offer is a set of described and diagnosed key trends that have an impact on consumer purchasing decisions in Poland now and in the coming years. All trends are included in the descriptive and numerical form, with the scale of demand for specific products and services. This is due to the fact that each of the described trends creates market opportunities related to satisfying specific consumer needs. The study includes a transparent form of consumer attitudes and behavior, the number of potential consumers involved in specific trends and creating the demand for selected products or services. The possible development or regression of the trend in the coming years is also carefully considered.

Why is it worth to purchase the report of Consumer Trends?

• From a wide set of consumer trends, you can choose the ones that are the most interesting from a specific point of view.
• Consumer trends are a useful tool for shaping the product's form policy. It results from the numerical estimation of the scale of consumers who are subject to or shape-specific trends. Moreover, the forecast of specific trends makes possible to define future development of relevant market repercussions.
• Studies on consumer trends are a ready material for use in all kinds of analyzes, diagnoses, marketing plans and other business documents.


The report will be send via e-mail in pdf or excel file.




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