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Retailmarket.com.pl is first in Poland online outlet with marketing and researching products. Here you may researches, reports, analysis, market data, strategies, trends, prognosis and profiles of retailers and manufacturers. All provided products are relevant, updated and reasonably priced.


Our competence is based on excellent knowledge on Polish consumer market and experience from over 13-years cooperation with international agency of market intelligence. Since June 2017 we have been operating as independent domestic market research agency.


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When I hear experts' forecasts predicting the dominant share of e-commerce in the grocery industry, it reminds me of school years. A long time ago, the world of the 21st century had to be drawn at the art class. Drawings of my colleagues showed mini-rockets for everyone, eating in tubes and drinks in sachets. Still, we move a lot on foot, and cars do not drive faster than years ago. It turns out that instead of meals from tubes we prefer a traditional pork chop, drinks are rather not in powder, and the quality of coffee is now definitely worse than it used to be. Most people are glued to small flat devices that make contact with the whole world, but that's what my peers did not foresee.

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